Reshape your interior with our elegant curtains. 


Combining colors, materials, and accessories, the draperies and shades lighten up your interior with subtle games of shadows and light. 




Because one can assess the quality of a work by the attention paid to details, we pay particular attention to the selection of curtain-rods and trimmings that we consider indispensable adornments for curtains. 

Following your tastes and after an essential assessment discussion, our teams will carefully select fabrics, tints and materials among the various ranges of the greatest manufacturers. 

The curtains are mostly handmade and manufactured in our workshops to provide an optimal finishing touch. Linings, brushed cottons or duffle's require mastery of hand-crafting knowledge. 


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« Flemish curtain heading » for a classical setting, « pleats curtain heading » more contemporary, « eyelets heading », a modern statement or « honeycomb heading », highly geometrical. 

Aside from their esthetics, our curtains provide excellent thermal insulation and concealment.